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Priscilla (Pasha) Keresey


Maybe you're wondering why you should ask me to pray for you or your loved one. I invite you to read The Power of Prayer page to see how I work and why prayer works.

Through my studies, prayer, and meditation -- and with the help of hundreds of clients -- I have learned how to bring healing to myself and others in extraordinary ways. I feel that God has shown me how to bring well-being back to those who have lost it, and I know it is my duty and purpose in life to carry out His will. He has called me to offer this healing to all those who ask for it, and I trust that he will continue to show me the way to live my life following His purpose.

As for all that other stuff, such as credentials and experience, my resume reads like this:

Pasha Keresey is an ordained Minister of Peace, with an area of interest in the Gnostic tradition. Gnosis teaches us that we can personally experience God and all of his healing, wisdom, and love. She acts as a guest minister at local churches, and writes and lectures frequently about the joy of knowing God.

She uses many healing techniques including reiki, spiritual healing, psychic healing, and cranio-sacral therapy, to restore wholeness and health to her clients.

Pasha is recognized throughout the country as one of the most accurate, compassionate, and sought-after psychic mediums. In addition to bringing the physical and spiritual worlds together for individuals and groups, Pasha coordinates local psychic fairs, and appears on radio and television programs. She teaches workshops on developing psychic ability and offers training for mediums in her message circles. Pasha calls herself A Practical Psychic, because if the information the sixth sense offers isn't of practical value, what good is it?

She is a keynote speaker at conferences on the topics of Creating Success & Prosperity, Reclaiming Your Connection to the Divine, and Using The Power of Your Inner Mind. She gives classes on using the mind and will to create positive, permanent change.

Pasha is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotist, helping individuals and groups lose weight, break addictions, and recover a healthy self-confidence. Believing that low self-esteem is the source of all challenges, Pasha teaches all of her clients to love and value themselves as a first step to healing. She maintains a business called Via Hypnosis in Putnam County, NY

In 2005 Pasha created and taught several semesters of a highly-effective six-week program on empowerment for female inmates in the New York State Correctional System.

She is the author of the Live & Learn Guides™, and the author and producer of the Live & Learn Guides™ self-hypnosis audio files. This series aims to raise awareness of our inherent value through simple, easy-to-follow exercises. Pasha has recently completed her latest book "It Will All Make Sense When You're Dead. Messages From Our Loved Ones In The Spirit World."

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